Brian Walsh accused of murdering his wife Ana from Belgrade; Her mother spoke up

Brian is scheduled to appear in court in Queens on Wednesday on charges of murdering his wife, Ana.
Brian Walsh is already in custody on charges of misleading the police.
For weeks, police have been building a case against him that is believed to include evidence such as blood found in the basement and a bloody axe.
Walsh will appear in court tomorrow on a new charge of murder. Then the evidence used to obtain the murder warrant is likely to be presented.
"Continuing investigations have now allowed police to obtain an arrest warrant charging Brian Walsh with the murder of his wife. Mr. Walsh will be arraigned on a charge of murder," Norfolk County District Attorney Michael Morrissey said in a video statement today.
Let us recall that the disappearance of Ana Walsh, originally from Belgrade, was reported on January 2 in Massachusetts, USA. A few days later, her husband Brian Walsh was arrested for obstructing the police investigation.
Meanwhile, evidence has emerged that suggests Brian is involved in the disappearance of his wife, Ana Walsh. It is suspected that the Serbian woman was killed, although the body has still not been found.

Anna Walsh's mother: I can't believe it

Ana's mother Milanka Ljubii reacted to the news of the accusation and briefly said that she could not believe it.
Milanka, after a short silence, after learning that Brian was accused, said that she could not believe this, just as she could not believe all the news that had appeared so far about her son-in-law.
"I can't believe it," Milanka said and then continued: "I can't believe it just like I can't believe everything that is written. I told you today. I have hoped that my child is alive."

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