Bulgaria’s President: The Nexo Scandal did not influence my Decision when choosing a Party for the Third Mandate

President Rumen Radev @BNR

President Rumen Radev commented that BSP will do everything possible to fulfill the third mandate. The head of state said he was not guided by the Nexo scandal in choosing which party to give the last chance to form a cabinet because he had already made up his mind.

However, Radev pointed out that the case has the potential to influence the work of a possible future government with a mandate from "Democratic Bulgaria".

Yesterday, the president handed the chairman of the PG of BSP Kornelia Ninova the third exploratory mandate for forming a government. In handing over the mandate, he said he settled on the Bulgarian Socialist Party in search of the best chance of forming a functioning regular government with clear political responsibility.

Radev again motivated his decision to give BSP the last mandate to form a government and rejected criticism that he was dooming the country to secure elections with his decision to give the Left a last chance to nominate a cabinet in this parliament.

"The BSP is ready for decisions that are common to the majority of parliamentary parties," said Radev and recalled that BSP was a major factor in solving the crisis with the election of the chairman of the 48th National Assembly:

"I have been looking for the party that has the best chance of forming a government and I explained it very clearly yesterday with my reasons for handing over the mandate. You can see that BSP did not rush to draw red lines, it preserved the dialogue, in many cases, it showed that is ready to compromise".

The President relies on the Bulgarian Socialist party to do everything possible to fulfill the third mandate. Radev said that the Nexo scandal did not influence his choice of which...

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