Conditions for Greeks abroad voting from place of residence

Greeks living abroad will be able to vote in the next national elections for the first time from their place of residence under certain conditions.

According to the law (4648/2019 passed in December 2019), voters who have lived in Greece for at least two years in the last 35 years and have submitted an E1 or E2 or E3 or E9 tax return in either the current or the previous tax year (2021-22) have the right to be registered in the electoral rolls, even if the return is zero.

In order to certify that someone has lived in Greece for two years in the last 35 years, certain public documents are required.

They include a certificate of attendance at a primary, secondary, post-secondary, technical or vocational school or a higher education institution; a certificate of payment of national insurance contributions and a certificate of completion of military service for the...

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