Suspect in 5 Afghans’ murder in Ankara caught

The suspect wanted for the murder of five Afghan nationals in the capital Ankara was caught in Afghanistan by the Turkish police.

A special team was formed by the Ankara police and the Afghan authorities to shed light on the incident.

During the searches made at the crime scene, a computer and 10 mobile phones were seized. Examining the security camera records in the area, the police determined that the suspect was a 23-year-old man named Mohammad Omar Yusufi.

The suspect was determined to enter Türkiye illegally and went to Afghanistan's Kabul via Tehran after the murders. Contacting Afghan authorities, the Turkish police shared their findings on the places and people the suspect could go to. Thereupon, the suspect was detained in the city of Herat and then arrested by the judicial authorities.

Police, late on Nov. 10, 2022, discovered the bodies of five Afghan nationals who were stabbed to death inside a house in Ankara.

The five bodies were found after family members contacted the police and reported the five to be missing.

The Afghans appeared to have died of knife wounds a week ago, news outlets reported.

The five were found dead in the capital's low-income Önder neighborhood in the Altındağ district, which is home to migrants from Syria and Afghanistan.

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