British envoy: Neither the so-called Kosovo, nor Serbia...

Special envoy of Great Britain for the Western Balkans, Stuart Pich pointed out for the Kurir newspaper that both sides should fulfill all the obligations undertaken during the dialogue and added that the Community of Serbian Municipalities is one of them, as well as the so-called Kosovo and Serbia should not see this as a concession or a threat to their position, but as a constructive and responsible participation in the dialogue.
"Both Kosovo and Serbia should fulfill their obligations assumed during the dialogue. The CSM is one of those unfulfilled elements, but it should not hinder the implementation of the others. How the Community will look when it is established is a question for the parties in the dialogue," he said.
He stated that he expects a comprehensive, final, legally binding agreement on the normalization of relations between Serbia and Kosovo "as two neighboring countries", stressing that both sides have an obligation to their citizens to continue talks and to work on practical steps towards the normalization of relations.
"The most important thing is that this agreement must be acceptable to the citizens of Kosovo and Serbia and must bring long-term benefits to them, as well as to the entire region. It is up to the leaders of Serbia and Kosovo to agree on the precise format and content of that agreement," said Pich, stating that "political will and courage" are needed for reaching a sustainable agreement.

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