Day 329 of the Invasion of Ukraine: Rescue Operations in Dnipro have been Suspended, 20 People are Missing

Here are the highlights of events related to the war in Ukraine over the past 24 hours:

The interior minister of Ukraine, his deputy and two children - among the 18 victims (at least) of a helicopter crash near Kyiv

At least 18 killed in a helicopter crash in the Ukrainian town of Brovary near the capital Kyiv.

Among the victims are the Minister of the Interior Denys Monastyrsky, his first deputy and three children. 29 were injured, including 15 children. There were nine people on board the helicopter. Earlier, the governor of Kyiv region reported that the machine collapsed near a kindergarten and a residential building.

The crashed helicopter belongs to the Ukrainian emergency service. According to initial data, the helicopter crashed into the kindergarten, followed by a fire in the building in which there were children and staff.

The exact causes of the crash remain unclear for now, there is no comment from Russia. Ukrainian representatives did not report a Russian attack at the time of the tragedy. The incident took place in dark and foggy weather.

Ukrainian military are training in the US to use "Patriot" systems

Ukrainian military has begun training in the US to use "Patriot" missile defense systems. The news was confirmed by the Pentagon.

According to the US War Department, about 100 Ukrainian soldiers are at the Fort Sill base in Oklahoma, where their training in the use of Patriot missiles is expected to last several months.

In December, President Joe Biden decided to send the defense system to Ukraine. Germany and the Netherlands made a similar commitment. The Patriot is the most advanced surface-to-air system the West has so far given Ukraine to repel...

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