Floods in Serbia: A state of emergency has been introduced

Grabovica River overflowed due to heavy rain near Sjenica. 40 buildings in the Bukre settlement and six buildings in the city center were flooded, as well as the basement of an elementary school.
Head of the National Center for Emergency Situations, Davor Vidovi, said that a three-member family was evacuated, and people's lives were not threatened, reports RTS. The streams in the Sjenica area also overflowed tonight.
Vidovi said that the current situation in the territory of Prijepolje is relatively calm.
Heavy rain fell yesterday in southwestern Serbia, in Montenegro, and caused problems in Bosnia and Herzegovina as well.
The director of "Srbijavode" Goran Puzovi told RTS that today and tomorrow a sudden rise in the water level on the river Lim is expected, because, he says, the rainfall will not stop during today.
"The water level of the River Lim is constantly increasing and such a trend is expected today. That is why we were forced to declare a state of emergency on the entire territory of the municipality of Prijepolje. There was a spill in Brodarevo and the settlement of Zalug, at the usual neuralgic points. The headquarters for emergency situations is in a permanent session and we made a decision to close all cafes on the coast of Lim, it is also forbidden to cross the suspension bridge in Prijepolje, and a decision was also made that there will be no swimming for the holy cross on Epiphany," said the president of the municipality of Prijepolje, Vladimir Babi.
"Tonight, we had a sudden rise in the water level in Grabovica, where about forty houses in an unorganized part were flooded, but with the quick intervention of the local self-government, the Department for Emergency Situations and our people, a larger spill was...

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