The hushed conspiracy

Deposed king Constantine, flanked by his wife, Anne-Marie, addresses reporters during a press conference held in his villa in Rome in 1973 in reaction to his dethronement. [SAMBUCETTI/AP]

One of the myths recently circulating on the internet, a fake story, is that Greece's deposed monarch, Constantine II, who was buried on Monday at Tatoi, "never opposed democracy." This is false. The late monarch opposed it by his activities and constantly opposed it by his omissions.

The archives of late conservative premier Konstantinos Karamanlis show that the ousted king discussed a plot "to assassinate Karamanlis and to overthrow the democratic regime through a military coup" in the period 1975-1979. This is confirmed by many sources as well as wiretaps of conversations. And if, for some people, his youth (24 at the time) justifies the events that led to the political turmoil that is known in Greek history as the "Apostasia of 1965," in 1978, when the plot was still active, he was 38 years old.

"I avoided bringing this conspiratorial activity of the former king...

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