President decries delays in justice system

[InTime News]

President Katerina Sakellaropoulou noted the delays and shortcomings in the administering of justice on Monday during a meeting at the Presidential Palace with the country's leading judicial officials. 

Sakellaropoulou noted the delays that reach even to the point of denial of justice, but also the large number of organic vacancies of judicial officials. 

"We all talk about the timely and efficient administration of justice and Greece has been running after these magic words for decades," Sakellaropoulou said, adding that the judges, the lawyers, members of the public, and society are all inconvenienced by these delays and shortcomings. 

"It is not very easy, but I insist that much can be done to address this pathogenesis," she added, bemoaning that "we see successive regulations being introduced, which often complicate matters or, in any case, prove inadequate...

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