Prince Harry has be Accused of "Weaponizing" Iran's Propaganda Machine

Prince Harry

Current and former British military commanders have accused the Duke of Sussex of "making arguments" for Iran's propaganda machine and using his military career for financial gain.

Responding to UK criticism over the weekend execution of 61-year-old Alireza Akbari, Tehran said Britain was "in no position to preach" about human rights following the prince's recent admission of killing Taliban fighters in his memoir "Spare".

An Afghan commander said that Harry had "become a tool of the regime in Tehran", and a colonel who served in Afghanistan said that Harry should take responsibility for allowing Iran to equate the killing of a political opponent with the legal death of someone in an armed conflict.

Prince Harry has been heavily criticized for admitting he killed 25 Taliban members after Iran used him to defend the hanging of a British-Iranian citizen.

The Iranian regime has used Prince Harry's admission that he killed 25 Taliban in Afghanistan to target Britain amid the escalating row over the execution of Alireza Akbari (above)

To the dismay of many former colleagues and military commanders, the prince decided to reveal his personal account of killed enemies.

He also recounted dehumanizing his opponents on the battlefield, regarding them as "chess pieces" to be removed "from the board" rather than human beings.

Iran seized the opportunity on Hari's remarks after Prime Minister Rishi Sunak described the hanging of Mr Akbari, accused of being an MI6 spy, as "a heartless and cowardly act carried out by a barbaric regime".

Iran's Foreign Ministry hit back yesterday, tweeting: "The British regime whose royal family considers the killing of 25 innocent...

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