Bulgaria: The National Security Service removed Kiril Petkov's Security as “There is No Threat”

Former PM Kiril Petkov

The National Security Service (NSS) has removed the security of former Prime Minister Kiril Petkov.

This was confirmed today by Petkov, currently an MP and co-chairman of "We Continue the Change".

The reason - a lost necessity, i.e. lack of threat to the person.

However, Petkov still has a specialized transport from the NSS, as the law stipulates that the former prime ministers and speakers of the National Assembly can use it - up to 4 years after their release from office.

The co-chairman of WCC, as well as the other - Asen Vassilev, hired private security.

Unofficially, however, WCC asks what exact threat threatens the leader of GERB, Boyko Borissov, that he invariably walks with national security, and how is it that the interdepartmental commission, which makes decisions about persons under state protection, never makes decisions, that the need for this against him has dropped out.

The composition of this commission includes the head of the NSS (who is also the chairman), and the members are the chairman of the National Security Agency (SANS) and the chief secretary of the Ministry of the Interior. They assess whether there is a threat, in the case of a former prime minister, to put him under guard or not.

However, the "timing" is curious - the NSS informed the former prime minister about the loss of security on the day when the publications in "Die Welt" and "Politico" appeared, which described how Bulgaria had helped enormously in arming the Ukrainian army in the first months of the Russian invasion - by exporting arms through intermediaries. Both editions emphasize the personal merits of Petkov as Prime Minister, as well as of his Deputy Prime Minister at the time - Asen Vassilev.

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