Marta Meszaros Tribute | Athens & Thessaloniki | January 19-24

The Greek Film Archive ( and the Thessaloniki International Film Festival (, in cooperation with the National Film Institute of Hungary, present 12 feature-length films and one short documentary in an expansive tribute to Marta Meszaros, the acclaimed Hungarian screenwriter and director. Golden Bear winner Meszaros, 91, was the first woman to ever direct a film in her native Hungary, with "The Girl" in 1968, and continued to make inroads for women in cinema ever since. Gyorgy Raduly, the director of the National Film Institute of Hungary, will introduce the filmmaker and her work to the audience in both Thessaloniki (on January 19 and 20; screenings take place at the Stavros Tornes Cinema at the port) and Athens (January 21 and 22).

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