Djuric: Strategic affairs to be discussed with "big five"

WASHINGTON - Serbian Ambassador to the US Marko Djuric says a Serbian delegation headed by President Aleksandar Vucic will discuss strategic affairs important for Serbs in Kosovo-Metohija at Friday's meeting with international representatives.

Djuric said the delegation would inform the "big five" of Pristina's latest violations of Brussels agreements, including a ban on ambulances getting through administrative crossings, which he noted was an issue already raised by US State Department counsellor Derek Chollet.

"I think it is good that the US has spoken out against Kurti's violations of the licence plate agreements," Djuric said.

He said that, however, the Quint representatives would certainly speak about their views on the situation.

"And there are no particularly easy things for Serbia there. We know the US and other Quint states recognise Kosovo...

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