Municipality establishes parking areas for scooters

The Istanbul Municipality has determined four streets where the use of e-scooters is intense in Istanbul's Kadıköy district as a pilot area for the establishment of parking areas for micro-mobility vehicles.

Within this scope, the implementation of a total of 53 micro-mobility parking spaces was completed in the Kadıköy district, including 17 units on the Bağdat Street, two units on the Tütüncü Mehmet Efendi Street, seven units on the Ethem Efendi Street and 27 units on the Fahrettin Kerim Gökay Street.

Installation works of 13 micro-mobility parking areas in the Şişli district and 19 in the Fatih district are being carried out, while location selection studies for other districts are ongoing in the regions where usage is the most intense.

The Kadıköy Municipality removed excessive e-scooters that were improperly parked and occupying sidewalks, which reduced the walking space and posed a hazard to pedestrian safety and took them to the municipality warehouses.

E-scooters towed away by the municipal teams on early Jan. 17 will be returned to their owners after the penalty is issued.

The National Mobility Platform made a statement over the municipality's move. "We believe that the number of e-scooters and bicycle lanes in Kadıköy should be increased, and the number of cars in the traffic should be reduced."

At least 682,246 people have used e-scooters, and at least 8.1 million trips have been made in Kadıköy in the last three years, it suggested, adding that there have been no fatal accidents up to today and that the district ranks first in the use of e-scooters per capita in the world.

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