NATO Admiral: In three to five years... It will rise from the ashes

He claims that the threat will not disappear because the Russians, regardless of the outcome of the special military operation, will have similar ambitions as now. NATO, Bauer says, expects Moscow to try to restore, and even strengthen, its military capabilities exhausted during the conflict.
"The general belief is that the Russians are going to rebuild what they had, that they're going to learn a lot from this conflict and they're going to try to improve what they had. So that will probably continue to affect our plans," Bauer said at the end of the two-day meeting of NATO's top military officers.
NATO, as this admiral states, needs to assess how much time Russia will need to revitalize its forces, reports Russia Today Balkan.
"Is it three to five years? Is it three to 10 years? That's something we're going to have to talk about together. That's something that the intelligence services will deal with," said Bauer, whose committee is the top military body of NATO Alliance.

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