The gauntlet of politics for women in Greece

New Zealand is a country where its prime minister, Jacinda Ardern, stepped down at the age of 43 because she has "no energy to seek re-election" and because "it's time." Greece is the country of "do you know who I am? I wear the pants" (Antonis Samaras in the tumultuous year of 2012).

So, little surprise that there are 62 women and 238 men in Parliament. Next time there will be more thanks to SYRIZA's law of 50-50 representation, which is no solution but is, at least, an acknowledgement of the problem.

Politics is a tough act for women. It's a little easier for daughters and granddaughters inheriting the role, for women who are beautiful, rich or have powerful friends, women who are famous or well-known in the media circuit. Otherwise, they have to come from the leader's close circle, to have made the rounds with him. Or they have a lengthy record - and therefore a...

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