BSP returned the Mandate to Form a Government: Bulgarians expect a Date for Early Elections

Ninova (left) and Radev (right) @BNT

BSP returned to the president the unfulfilled third mandate to form a government.

We reached this point after the failure of the Socialists to organize a leadership meeting in the parliament, which was attended by only three parliamentaryly represented political forces - GERB-SDS, DPS and "Bulgarian Rise". Representatives from "We Continue Che change", "Democratic Bulgaria" and "Vazrazhdane" did not come.

In front of President Rumen Radev, Kornelia Ninova commented that they did everything possible that was expected of them, they sought dialogue and agreement on four priorities to unite the political forces, but they failed to convince their colleagues of the need for a regular cabinet.

"We did everything necessary to fulfill the third mandate, we brought out four important tasks - Schengen, the Recovery and Development Plan, the Budget for 2023 and the judicial reform. We invited all parties to a conversation. It became clear that there was no agreement and majority to broadcast regular cabinet, for this reason I return the third mandate", she pointed out.

"People will lose because there will be no regular government, but that's it, no agreement was reached," Ninova said once again.

According to her, the fact that a cabinet could not be formed with the third mandate is not a failure of the Bulgarian Socialist party.

"It could not be formed with both the first and the second, so this is a general failure of the 48th National Assembly. I don't think there is a party that could have implemented this mandate, especially after the Nexo scandal," argued Ninova .

The leader of the Socialists announced that at the Red Congress they will possibly discuss the question of whether and in what way...

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