History’s teachings

The last-ditch attempt to ban the new party of neo-Nazi Ilias Kasidiaris from running in the next election may have the opposite rather than desired effect. [Intime News]

The intention of the government and the opposition to prevent convicted neo-Nazi Ilias Kasidiaris from taking a fresh run at Parliament with his new party is obvious. I don't know if it will work, though, because history has shown that such efforts rarely have the desired effect and those being barred can simply bypass the system by forming a new party.

A typical example is the United Democratic Left, which was formed in 1951 mainly by members of the outlawed Greek Communist Party (KKE) and supported by it. Seven years after it was formed, it became the country's second biggest party in the 1958 elections thanks to a policy of broad alliances. Banning KKE therefore didn't work because people always find a way to express their political leanings. That is how democracy works.

I understand ruling New Democracy's craving for an outright majority, but it is wrong to try...

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