Bulgarian MEP: The Statement of North Macedonia’s President repeats the Hateful Rhetoric against Bulgaria

"The statement of the Macedonian president repeats the theses of the RNM for many years, that it is an insult against the Macedonian identity and the Macedonian people, if you say things that are related to the objective reading of history - for example, if you say that Gotse Delchev is a Bulgarian, born in Bulgaria family. Pendarovski's statement is very bad, because it gives the arguments of those who want to carry out attacks and hate speech against the citizens of the Republic of North Macedonia who openly declare their Bulgarian identity. He should find a way to fix it," said on BNT Bulgarian MEP Andrey Kovachev.

According to Kovachev, this act has a much broader meaning and is not aimed at certain people.

"This is proof that the Macedonians do not want to change their ideology and at the same time want to enter the European Union. Bulgaria cannot close its eyes to the fact that young generations are educated with this attitude against Bulgaria and how the young European generations will live together if they hate each other," added Andrey Kovachev.

Kovachev described the beating of Hristiyan Pendikov in Ohrid as a disgusting incident.

Former Foreign Minister: Pendarovski hinders bilateral relations, serves Belgrade and Moscow

"The aggression against the Macedonian Bulgarians takes place under the benevolent gaze of the authorities in the Republic of Macedonia. In the absence of action, the apologies and promises of the Macedonian authorities are not enough.

President Stevo Pendarovski does not protect the interests of his homeland, but serves the politics of Serbia and Russia in the Balkans. With his statements...

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