E-bikes and skateboards fail to pick up pace

One by one, electric bike and e-skate rental companies have been withdrawing from the local market in recent years. RideMovi has temporarily stopped offering electric bikes in Athens through the Free Now application (formerly Beat) due to theft and vandalism.

RideMovi's withdrawal of such services from the Greek market follows ventures such as that of Lime (electric skates, bicycle rental companies based in San Francisco and present in European cities) and earlier of Hive, which did not thrive in the country.

Especially in the case of Lime, besides the problems caused by the measures to restrict movement during the pandemic, there were also problems in its operation.

RideMovi's decision comes a month-and-a-half after the official presentation of Free Now's new application, which added options for commuting with electric bikes in Athens and Thessaloniki. It has...

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