'Countries aiming to join NATO need to abide by alliance's spirit'

Greece's "provocative" actions, rhetoric and efforts for armament will not provide any benefit beyond increasing the tension in the region, a National Security Council (MGK) statement said on Jan. 25.

Türkiye will not allow any sort of fait accompli that targets its national security and interests, the council said following a meeting at the helm of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

Türkiye supports NATO's open-door policy, but the countries aiming to join the bloc need to abide by the spirit and laws of the alliance, the MGK statement said.

"Countries willing to join NATO must act in accordance with the law and spirit of the alliance," the statement said.

It is "imperative for Sweden and Finland to fulfill obligations under the June 2022 trilateral memorandum in fighting terror groups with concrete steps," it added.

The council also strongly condemned recent "heinous attacks" on the Quran.

"The heinous attacks, which are a manifestation of anti-Islamic racism and target the sacred values of billions of people, have been strongly condemned," the statement said.

The council reminded that those who undermine values ​​such as freedom of religion, conscience and thought, and encourage and protect actions that cannot be explained by democracy and freedom of expression, are partners in this hate crime that disregards human rights.

The "terrorist organization PKK/KCK-PYD/YPG" and its supporters constitute the biggest obstacle to the peace, tranquility and prosperity of the Syrian people, and the elimination of terrorist organizations and reaching an inclusive and holistic solution based on Syria's territorial integrity and sovereignty will lead to permanent peace, the statement said.

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