The end of the war. Kyiv and Moscow are negotiating? Several options are on the table

When both Moscow and Kyiv begin to believe that they will no longer be able to achieve a better result on the battlefield, the leaders of Ukraine and Russia, wherever they are, will have to meet and agree on a mutually acceptable solution, which will make both sides feel better than continuing the war.
Considering this issue, the magazine "Foreign Affairs" asked for the opinion of as many as 72 international experts in geopolitics.
There is no consensus among them, although more than half of them - 40 of them disagree or strongly disagree with the statement that Ukraine will have to give up part of its territory.
A smaller number of experts, nine of them, do not take any position, while 23 of them agree or fully agree with the statement that Kyiv will have to agree to territorial concessions to Moscow.
Most of those who think that Ukraine will lose part of its territory belong to geopolitical realists, and many personally believe that this option is not only the most realistic, but also the most positive for the whole world.
"The people of Ukraine have won the admiration of the whole world for their courage," writes Professor Lyle Goldstein, director of the Asia Defense and Engagement Research Center.
"The cost of integrating these regions would be extremely high, reconciliation would progress intermittently, and reintegration would never be complete," believes Graham, who believes that these areas would remain a constant source of tension within Ukraine. The well-known political scientist from the University of Chicago John Mearsheimer, who in his lectures blamed the behavior of the West for the outbreak of the conflict in Ukraine, says that it is difficult for him to imagine a Ukrainian victory and the liberation of the...

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