No pensioner will be left without raise

Labor and Social Security Minister Kostis Hatzidakis announced on Friday a possible new intervention next month for pensioners who, due to the so-called "personal difference," did not see an increase in the final amount they receive.

Referring to them, Hatzidakis said that "the government - always within the limits of the budget's capacity - will consider an additional intervention to address problems or injustices, such as that of pensioners with a personal difference, who are not adequately covered by the latest increases in pensions."

According to ministry figures, for 910,000 pensioners (out of a total of 2.6 million) the increase in pensions by 7.75% has not materialized; however, it has reduced the "personal difference," or the amount in their favor due to the change in law. However, 260,000 pensioners in this category did get the €250 allowance recently and...

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