Skroutz expands deliveries in eurozone

Skroutz is taking another step toward becoming the "Greek Amazon," as its online shopping platform, Skroutz Marketplace, is now able to ship products to all eurozone countries. It will soon have an English version too.

The first step was taken last fall when the company started shipping products to Cyprus, followed by a pilot program to ship products to Germany, targeting mainly Greeks living there. Now that Skroutz Marketplace is available, it can send products to 20 countries, including Greece and Cyprus.

The 18 new countries to which it is now possible to ship products purchased from Skroutz Marketplace are the following: Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Austria, Belgium, Portugal, Malta, Croatia, Estonia, Finland, Ireland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Lithuania, Slovenia, Slovakia and Latvia. Non-eurozone EU states will be added in the next phase.

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