Bulgaria: The Minimum Wage will be 50% of the National Average – When will it be in Effect?


Finally, the parliament decided that the minimum wage should be 50% of the national average.

The decision stipulates that the amount for the next year will be determined by September 1 of the current year in the amount of 50 percent of the average salary for Bulgaria for a period of 12 months. These include the last two quarters of the previous year and the first two of the current year.

The decision enters into force 3 days after its publication in the "State Gazette". The procedure starts from September 1 and takes effect from next year - 2024.

"Convinced that half a million Bulgarians need support, we are happy to say that thanks to our persistence, today the National Assembly decided that the minimum wage will be 50% of the average. According to rough calculations, this means that the wage will increase by about 100 BGN (EUR 50). Unfortunately, the chamber did not accept that this should happen this year, because the official cabinet did not submit a budget for 2023. Now the crisis is very severe, it is difficult to survive and now we have to help. We hope that in April we will have a regular government that will submit budget for 2023. Many systems started to die because there is no budget," commented BSP chairman Kornelia Ninova.

The unions were not satisfied with the accepted formula for calculating the minimum wage.

"Today, the Bulgarian parliament finally found a formula for the minimum wage. On the one hand, the formula is correct, but on the other hand, it is not. 50% minimum to average wage does not allow to test this adequacy of the minimum wage. The fixation is wrong. This was a partial victory for Bulgarian workers. When we raise the minimum wage, it's not for these 500,000 workers, it's for all...

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