"It's painful to admit. Defeat is approaching"

The same newspaper also adds that the West has failed Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.
"It's painful to admit, but Ukraine's victory is becoming less and less likely every day," states the author of the article at the beginning and supports his thesis with facts: the Kyiv army is running out of men and material and technical resources.
Also, he adds, Russia is in a better position, its resources are huge, and "it is not surprising that Western diplomats are increasingly talking about a truce".
Looking back at the "optimistic statements" of Ukrainian officials who talked about "victory" at the beginning of the year, the author of the article wonders how realistic the very thought of Ukraine's victory is?
"It is practically excluded that Ukraine will come out of this fight as a winner. Especially if Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky really sees victory as 'the liberation of all occupied territories, including Crimea. However, from today's point of view and in the current circumstances under which, first of all, the insufficient aid from the West should be taken into account - that is impossible. Russia has already put 18 percent of Ukrainian territory under its control. It is more likely that this figure will increase in the future, rather than decrease," the article states.

What are the reasons for Russia's "almost inevitable" victory? Tanjug/AP Photo/Yevgen Honcharenko

"Welt" correspondent Marie Droste analyzed the current situation in Ukraine in five points:
- First, it became clear that the USA, Germany and other members of the North Atlantic Alliance are more afraid of the spread of the conflict on the territory of the Alliance than they are for the security of the West due to Russia's territorial...

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