Pristina's Interpol membership request taken off agenda

LYON/BELGRADE - The so-called Kosovo's Interpol membership bid has been taken off the agenda of the organisation's General Assembly, Tanjug learns.

The request had been included in the Interpol Executive Committee's first draft agenda for a General Assembly session in Vienna, but was subsequently omitted from the final version.

Pristina has made four bids for membership in Interpol to date - in 2010, 2015, 2017 and 2018, and also submitted a request in 2019, but it was withdrawn shortly before a General Assembly session in Santiago.

The only time the Interpol General Assembly has voted on a membership request from the so-called Kosovo was in 2018, when, despite support from Western powers, Pristina failed to secure admission to the organisation.

With assistance from Russia, Spain, Cyprus, China, Belarus and many African states, Serbia succeeded in...

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