Bulgaria’s Energy Minister: I changed the Management of Kozloduy NPP because of Potential Connections with Russia

Rosen Hristov @bTV

"I replaced the head of management in my first months as minister because of intelligence reports about the leadership's potential ties to Russia and corruption schemes." This was announced by the Acting Minister of Energy on bTV.

"They mentioned the name of Alexander Nikolov, whom I replaced. He is now on the 'Magnitsky' list."

Two former directors of Kozloduy NPP were sanctioned under the Magnitsky Act.

"Officially, there are no companies that worked with the Kozloduy NPP that are owned by these persons. The companies that now work with the plant have built competencies and have licenses. The new companies are for peripheral services. For the annual scheduled maintenance - there are several companies in Bulgaria," said Hristov.

He pointed out that Ahmed Dogan's "Varna" thermal power station is not working due to obligations.

"We are close to an agreement that will ensure full payment and all interest. They agree to pay over BGN 40 million together with interest."

Hristov pointed out that "there is interest from Ukraine for the equipment from the Belene NPP, but there are no specifics".

"We are far from giving the equipment. For Belene, a decision must be made on the basis of all the figures and analyses. At the moment, there is no such readiness. There is no proposal from Ukraine. Their Minister of Energy explained that they have a project for a plant and they asked us have we considered a sale," he explained.

Hristov pointed out that in April Bulgaria expects to receive "a report on our claims and on the defense of Russia's claims".

"We hired one of the best international law firms, which has a good list of won arbitration cases. If...

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