Vucic claims: Serbia has not Sold a Single Weapon or Ammunition either to Ukraine or to Russia

Serbia has not sold a single weapon or ammunition to both Ukraine and Russia, said Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic yesterday at an international conference in Doha, quoted by Hina.

On allegations that Serbian-made munitions end up in Ukraine via Turkey and other countries, the Serbian president told reporters on Sunday:

"We have not sold a single weapon or ammunition, either to Russia or to Ukraine. We have approved end users and only sell to them."

In relation to allegations that munitions produced in Serbian factories are being exported through Turkey, Vucic said export contracts are further protected by a ban on re-exports without Serbia's consent.

The Serbian president also said that his country will continue to develop its military industry, but in accordance with international law.

Vucic announced investments of 100 million euros to increase the capacity of the military industrial sector, indicating that Serbia will continue to produce weapons, reports BTA.

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