China hints at Conflict with the US and ties Chinese Aid to Russia with American Aid to Taiwan

Chinese foreign minister Qin Gang

"The United States and China are sliding toward inevitable conflict if Washington does not change its approach toward Beijing. Moreover, the US has no right to criticize the possibility that the Asian giant is helping Russia in its war in Ukraine, while itself is providing weapons to Taiwan."

These were some of the sharp messages from the new Chinese foreign minister, Qin Gang, whose first press conference was filled with criticism of the US and defense of ties with Russia, and explanations of his idea of what the Chinese alternative to the "Western system" could be.

He also outlined the country's foreign policy priorities. They, in his words, are "to be the engine of global power and prosperity; to inspire modernization, especially in the Global South; however, to disprove the myth that modernization is westernization; to propose solutions to global problems - something impossible now that someone else has taken the microphone."

If the US doesn't hit the brakes

"Relations with Moscow become more necessary the more unstable the world," said Qin, who took over from Wang Yi. "If China and Russia work together, the world will have a driving force," and the "close contact" between the two countries rests largely to the relations of the heads of state. Again, he explained that this partnership is not directed against anyone. Ten days ago, Beijing offered a position to end the war in Ukraine after a visit by Qin's predecessor to Russia, but it offered no solution to the lingering problems.

For him, the US may talk about wanting to compete with China, but "in reality, the so-called US competition is total containment and suppression, a zero-sum game where you die and I...

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