Greece railroad disaster: The station master’s deposition for the Tempi train wreck

The investigations carried out by the authorities into the fatal accident in Tempi are continuing. The deposition of the fatal stationmaster of Larissa, who, after being summoned to a deposition, was judged to be in custody by decision of the investigator and the prosecutor, plays a key role in their development.

The 59-year-old station master, during the seven and a half hours facing the investigator, answered the questions without apologizing and talked about everything. About his position at the station master, about how he became a station master, being 59 years old and of course what happened on the fateful night.

The station master's entire deposition to the interrogator

Starting his deposition he mentioned how and when the accident happened and how the police called him to ask if there had been an accident. When he hung up, the fire department called immediately after, informing him of the collision of the trains. Immediately afterwards, he states that he does not remember what happened.

He also stated: "I had seen on the panel that when I turned the keys, after 2597  entered, the lights were solid white. What I can guess is that the key engaged momentarily and then disengaged and I went back to the siding without the lights on the panel changing," he said in his deposition.

Appointed as stationmaster

At the beginning of his deposition, the station master describes that he was hired at OSE on 07/02/1989 as a worker on the Pelion train and after 1990 he moved to OSE Larisa in the baggage department until 30/04/2011 when the department was abolished. In 2011, he transferred to the Primary Education board of Larissa.

He continued by saying that "On 6/7/2022 with mobility of the 1st cycle of the year...

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