Macron in shock: They don't trust us?

At least that's what the head of European diplomacy, Josep Borrell, told journalists, reports AP.
In addition to the old reflex and "historical memory" of the era of colonization, but also the recent wars of the West in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria and the bombing of Yugoslavia, this was particularly noticeable when it comes to views and attitudes towards the war in Ukraine.
Countries outside the Western sphere of influence, which the EU and the US call the "Global South", are not willing to strongly and explicitly condemn the Russian military intervention in Ukraine, and moreover, they make it clear that the US, NATO and the EU were also involved in the events that led to the war conflict in Ukraine.
The "Global South" mainly demands that the war in Europe be stopped, because it has dangerously disrupted the world economy, trade and security, and suggests that for now neither Russia nor the West, since it is sending more and more modern weapons to Kyiv, apparently do not want either to end the armed conflict, if peace negotiations cannot be reached right away.
Macron, Borrell and other EU and US leaders have embarked on a tour of Asia, Africa and Latin America in an effort to convince political elites and the public there that Russia is solely to blame for the war in Europe, global inflation, soaring food and energy prices and disruption world stability.
So far, there is no evidence that beliefs in the "Global South" have shifted towards the views of the West, and the French newspaper "Le Monde" in its editorial review "Ukraine: one war, two views of the world", first of all says that Washington and Moscow place the blame exclusively on each other.
The newspaper warns that this "pushed Europe back half a century, into the...

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