Responsibilities for the deadly train crash

The investigation of the untold tragedy of the deadly train crash at Tempe is in every way imperative.

The great light that will be shed on the case and the apportionment of responsibilities are a moral and material duty to the relatives of the victims and to all of society, which is shocked by the deadly crash, and their trust in authorities, the railway system and the state must be immediately restored.

Every minute and hour that responsibility remains unclear, or that the dysfunctions or a lack of vigilance are seen with relativity, is a backpedaling for the country, which has a duty to focus on its digital future and on the security of the new era, and not toward its bad past.

The nexus of measures that should be implemented includes an extremely swift judiciary, a decisive and just government, and an opposition that does not engage in populism on the rubble left by the recent train crash.

The maturity of the political system and the bold and swift government decisions that aim at a thorough investigation of this tragic event are two parameters that should be placed on the table these days, along with the collective empathy that society must have at this difficult time for everyone affected.

It is a duty to the dead and injured.

It is a debt to the pained families and those close to them.


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