Deadly train crash in Greece prompts safety worries, strikes

Protesters take part in a demonstration, following the fatal collision of two trains, near the city of Larissa, in Thessaloniki, Wednesday. [Reuters]

Striking labor unions disrupted mass transit in Greece on Wednesday to protest the deaths of 57 people in the country's worst train disaster, which exposed major safety deficiencies.

The strikes halted ferries to the islands and shut down bus and trolley car service in Athens, where thousands were expected to attend union-organized protests against the government. Subways ran for a few hours to allow people to get to the demonstration.

A passenger train slammed into an oncoming freight carrier near the northern Greek town of Tempe on February 28, killing dozens of passengers, including many university students, in burning rail cars.

A stationmaster accused of placing the trains traveling in different directions on the same track has been charged with negligent homicide and other offenses.

But revelations of serious safety gaps on Greece's busiest rail...

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