The Dobruja Pie (Banitsa) became a Protected Product not of Bulgaria, but of Romania

The Dobruja pie (banitsa) became a protected product of Romania. It has been fighting for this since 2017, said Prof. Dr. Ana Kocheva from the Bulgarian Language Institute of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. "As I understand it, this will be, in front of the world, the true origin of this product. All producers who are located in this geographical area in Romania will have rights to the product and of course the neighbors, i.e. we will not have anything to do with the Dobruja pie", added Prof. Kocheva. According to her, in Dobruja this pie or banitsa is not called liked that. There it is known as Dobruja kavarma.

"On our interactive culinary map, this kavarma, i.e. banitsa, is present, and this is another proof that these field studies that we are doing are a very reliable certificate of the Bulgarian nature of some controversial linguistic and culinary facts," said Prof. Dr. Ana Kocheva.

She added that the Dobruja banitsa is characteristic of all Bulgarian villages in this region.

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