B-52 Bombers detected Circling over the Territory of Bulgaria

B-52H Stratofortress @Wikimedia Commons

Two B-52 bombers operating from the Moron Air Base in Spain were detected circling over southern Bulgaria. These are 60-0026 (NOBLE41) and 60-0056 (NOBLE42?). Both have nuclear potential (but do not carry nuclear bombs), reported BGNES.

According to experts, what is interesting about this case is that the US European Command (EUCOM) announced the deployment of the B-52s when the bombers were already on their way. They usually announce it afterwards.

"Our B-52s are heading to Eastern Europe to participate in multilateral exercises with allies," EUCOM tweeted.

On the flight radar map, the two bombers can be seen circling over southern Bulgaria, flying directly over the magnetometer in Panagyurishte, after which they headed northeast.

One of the two B-52s (60-0026, NOBLE41) continued operations over southeastern Romania, and the other B-52 (60-0056, NOBLE42) headed east over Slovenia.

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