Road safety black holes

A scene from a traffic accident on the Athens-Thessaloniki highway on January 3 this year. In the wake of the Tempe tragedy, Greek officials must review the safety problems on the country's road network, the author says. [InTime News]

While Greece is still in mourning over the deadly train crash at Tempe, demand is widespread for a full-blown investigation into what happened and why it happened. At the same time, people expect the authorities to take measures to ensure that there will be no more innocent victims.

The February 28 disaster is a good reason for Greece to re-examine its road network. Officials should delve deep into the files of dubious national highway projects in order to stave off a repeat of a Tempe-like disaster on the tarmac. This column has repeatedly pointed a finger at the scandalous delays in upgrading the 40-kilometer stretch of road between the northern port city of Thessaloniki and the town of Evzonoi along the country's main north-south road connection (A1), near the border with North Macedonia. The section in question is part of the European route to and from Central Europe.

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