Spiegel released a photo: Saboteurs delivered explosives to blow up Nord Stream PHOTO

This information was reported by the German newspaper "Spiegel".
"In the case of the terrorist attack on the 'Nord Stream' gas pipelines in the Baltic Sea, new details are emerging. The ship on which the saboteurs, as it is assumed, transported the explosives, is the sailing ship "Andromeda" with its home port of Brega on the island of Rgen," the newspaper writes, citing department sources.
According to reports, the 15-meter-long "Bavaria Cruiser 50" sailboat was rented by "a group of so far unidentified persons" who used "falsified documents for the purpose of concealment" through an unnamed charter company from the island of Rgen.
"Spiegel" also published a photo of the ship.

Sources of the newspaper claim that the sailboat sailed from the port of Rostock-Warnemunde, and at the beginning of September it docked briefly in the port of Vik, which is located in the north of the island.
The charter firm that charters the sailboat declined to release details of clients who chartered the vessel last September. However, the German prosecutor's office confirmed to "Spiegel" that the yacht was searched in January of this year "in connection with a suspicious rental".
Earlier, the British newspaper "The Times" announced that a week after the explosion, Western intelligence agencies knew about Ukrainian involvement in the sabotage of the Nord Stream and Nord Stream 2 gas pipelines.
The article also states that European intelligence officers know the name of the "private sponsor" of the sabotage. The security services do not reveal his identity but claim that he is a rich Ukrainian who allegedly has no connection with President Volodymyr Zelensky.
Also, the German newspaper "Zeit" announced that German investigators have...

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