Ursula did not want to answer one question about Serbia

According to her, it is crucial for the stability, security and prosperity of the region. She also pointed out that she hopes that both sides will "seize the moment" in the dialogue and be constructive in the upcoming talks.
She said this during an interview organized by the European News Agency, of which Tanjug is a member, together with 16 other agencies from the EU, the Western Balkans and Ukraine.
To Tanjug's reminder that she also discussed the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina with U.S. President Joseph Biden and to the question of how important it is for the enlargement process and the stability of Europe that Belgrade and Pristina normalize relations, as well as what the consequences would be if the negotiations on March 18 in Ohrid do not bring results, von der Leyen said that this is a possibility for both sides and expressed the hope that they will be constructive.
"The war in Ukraine underlined the geostrategic importance of the enlargement process. We would like our Western Balkan partners to be as close to us as possible and as quickly as possible," Von der Leyen said.
She said that, when it comes to the normalization of relations between Belgrade and Pristina, there is a European roadmap and that plan is on the table.
"I think that now is a real opportunity for both sides to take advantage of the momentum. Normalization is of great importance, crucial for the stability, security and prosperity of the region. I really hope that both sides will be very constructive in the following talks," said Von der Leyen.
When asked what the consequences could be for both sides if the dialogue does not bring results, she said that we should wait for the negotiations and then see the results.
"Let's negotiate first,...

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