Kiska, last captive orca in Canada, has died at Marineland

The killer whale named Kiska at Canada's Marineland theme park, the country's last captive orca who swam alone in her tank for more than a decade, has died.

Brent Ross, a spokesman for the Ministry of the Solicitor General in Ontario that oversees animal welfare in the province, said on March 13 that the theme park in Niagara Falls, Ontario, informed the province of the death last week.

Kiska was believed to be 47 years old and had lived at Marineland since being captured in Icelandic waters in 1979. She was captured alongside Keiko, who became famous in the movie "Free Willy," and the pair lived together for a few years at Marineland in the 1980s. Keiko was sold to an aquarium in Mexico in 1985 and eventually ended up at SeaWorld in the U.S.

Kiska appeared in shows at Marineland for years but had not performed for more than a decade. She spent that time in a large pool at the park's Friendship Cove separated from a pod of belugas.

SeaWorld also has stopped its theatrical shows with orcas and ended its breeding program in 2017, meaning that its current orcas will be the brand's last generation in captivity.

The Marineland park told the Niagara Falls Review newspaper that the killer whale's health declined recently "despite intensive interventions" by theme park employees and an international team of veterinarians.

Professionals hired by Marineland have conducted a necropsy on Friday in the presence of province officials, Ross said.
Marineland's owner, Marie Holer, declined to comment.

In 2021, the province found that there were problems with the theme park's water system and ordered repairs for pools that house belugas, dolphins, walruses, sea lions and Kiska, court documents show. Marineland initially appealed...

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