Bulgaria: A 2-Year-Old Boy Fell into a Two-Meter Manhole

A 2-year-old boy fell into a two-meter manhole in Stara Zagora. The child escaped with only bruises.

The incident that the boy's mother told about is not the first in the area. About a month ago, a small child fell again, after which safety pegs and safety tape were installed, but they disappeared, bTV recalls.

"My son was with his father. There were planks placed over the open manhole. We immediately reported to the municipality. They sent a team to secure the place. The next day, a grid was already installed. As far as I understand, the condominium is responsible. I found out that in the end a shop owner fixed the manhole," said on Nova TV, Tatiana Guzeleva, mother of the now injured child.

"Colleagues from the inspectorate came very quickly after the report was filed. The next day measurements were taken to fit a cover. In the meantime, a man has put a lid on it, for which we are grateful," commented Maria Georgieva, an employee of the municipality.

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