Vučić: I will not sign any paper VIDEO

You can follow the speech of the President of Serbia on, but also live on TV Prva and TV B92.
Let us recall that Vui said that everything that was signed in the dialogue between Belgrade and Pritina and that was signed by EU representatives must be implemented. He said that when it comes to the Community of Serbian Municipalities, under the auspices of the EU, four agreements were signed - implementation plan, principles, management and the First Agreement.
"I spoke with Lajcak and Escobar about the CSM. It is an extremely important matter for us. It will unite almost all Serbian communities in Kosovo and Metohija. It will connect 97% of Serbian communities into one unique community. Some outlying enclaves will remain, they will connect all of them, starting with Sirini County (Sirinika upa) to Graanica and all 4 municipalities in the north. Their responsibilities, which are prescribed by one of the four documents signed in Brussels, state that the Republic of Serbia has the right to finance all the sectors envisaged there, health, education, economic development. It is a very important document. I emphasized that what was signed must be fulfilled," Vui said.
"Everybody hopes that I will sign, except for the part of ordinary people. Because nobody truly cares about Kosovo and Metohija. They only care about having the opportunity to publicly execute the president of Serbia," said Vui and added:
"In fact, they all hope that I will sign so that they can demand my head on a platter as if I was making a plan. And not because they would be unhappy if that plan is accepted. It is not a doomsday in Ohrid. As they used to say when I'm going to sign, whether... The problem is not whether I'm going to sign, but when I'm going to sign, they...

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