Vučić in Srem district: It is not an easy period ahead PHOTO

A visit to Donji Tovarnik and a conversation with representatives of the hunting association "Donji Tovarnik", the women's association "Sunev cvet" - Donji Tovarnik, as well as a tour of the mini zoo are planned.
In Stara Pazova, Vui visits the production plant of the company "Stamevski - My Candy", which is followed by a visit to Indjija and the "Plastik Gogi" factory.
"We will build the road from Batajnica all the way to Indjija, we will build the Health Center, the school, and what is the most expensive, the sewage system. This is a sign that Serbia is progressing," President Vui said.
"This is the first time I've heard that sewage is a problem somewhere," Vui told the citizens of Inija, and added that the state is investing 70 million euros in this place.
After that, President Vui greeted the gathered, listened to their problems and promised to solve them.
A little later, the tour continues in Ruma, then in id and finally in Sremska Mitrovica, where Vui is scheduled to address the citizens.

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"We will keep our Serbia safe" Foto:

"It is not an easy period ahead of us, but you should know that we lead a serious policy, so Serbia emerges as the winner. Let me remind you, 10 years ago, people in Montenegro and Bosnia-Herzegovina had higher salaries than the people in Serbia. Today we are the leader in the region. Things have changed for only a few years. Please have confidence," said Vui at the beginning of his address.
"We will keep our Serbia safe as it is written in the Constitution of our country"...

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