Bulgaria’s PM Denied all the Concerns of his Finance Minister

"The state of Bulgaria's finances is stable, there is no danger for the currency board, for the exchange rate of the leva to the euro, for incomes and pensions not being paid." This was announced by acting Prime Minister Galab Donev in an interview with "Nova TV". During the week, a non-public report of Finance Minister Rositsa Velkova appeared in a media outlet with a number of concerns about the state's finances, which she herself did not deny at an extraordinary briefing.

"The caretaker government is doing everything possible to make all payments on time. There is no danger of falling into a debt crisis, because the caretaker government is doing everything possible to increase tax collection, for January and February 1.3 billion BGN more were collected compared to the previous regular government," announced Donev.

During the interview, he repeatedly announced that the caretaker government with its actions protects the country from negatives that come from decisions taken before and that the attacks against its actions are due to the fact that, due to the upcoming elections, politicians are trying to write off liabilities and accumulate assets on its back.

This is a normal report

The Prime Minister reminded that it is common practice to prepare such a report before the preparation of the draft budget, which describes various scenarios of what would happen if certain measures were not taken. "This is a normal report every year and there is nothing worrisome about it. The risks are intended to show politicians if they engage in populist decisions, if they start bidding, what would happen. And that is why we have foreseen the measures that will not lead to the bankruptcy of the state," Donev...

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