Decision time for the F-35 package

The Greek Defense Ministry is expected to decide next week whether Athens will propose to Lockheed Martin the inclusion of SSI (security, supply, information) and infrastructure programs in the F-35 fighter jets package with the participation of the Greek defense industry.

The SSI would resolve the issue of infrastructure for the reception of the F-35s in 2027-28. Otherwise, if this infrastructure is not in place the delivery of the aircraft to the Hellenic Air Force in 2027-28 will be difficult.

The issue of SSIs is critical for the Pentagon since it is the most common method of transferring know-how, which, in the case of the F-35, includes cybersecurity and network security. Tellingly, the possibility of these features being compromised by a third-party system (S-400) is what led to Turkey's ejection from the program.

The details of the Greek proposal were...

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