First election results: Djukanović 35.3, Milatović 28.8, Mandić 19.4

542,154 voters have the right to vote, who choose between seven presidential candidates.
They are the current head of state and the candidate of the Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS) Milo Djukanovi, the leader of the New Serbian Democracy, the candidate of the Future of Montenegro list Andrija Mandi, the candidate of the Democrats Aleksa Bei and United Montenegro, Goran Danilovi.
Jakov Milatovi, member of the Social Democratic Party, Draginja Vuksanovi Stankovi, and influencer Jovan Jodir Radulovi are participating in the elections.

Second round: Djukanovi and Milatovi in the second round? FOTO TANJUG/ ZORAN ESTI/ nr

Based on 80.5 percent of the processed sample, Milo Djukanovi won 35.3 percent of the votes, Jakov Milatovi 29.1 percent, Andrija Mandi 19.2 percent, Aleksa Bei 11.1 percent, Draginja Vuksanovi Stankovi 3.2 percent.
Goran Danilovi won 1.3 percent, and Jovan Radulovi 0.8 percent.
There are a large number of journalists from the region in the DPS election headquarters, and the address of the current president and candidate for another mandate, Milo Djukanovi, is expected around 10 p.m.

Presjek izlaznosti do 19 sati po regijama:
Jug 52.8%
Centar 65.5%
Sjever 60.8%#ZaFerIzbore2023

— CeMI (@CeMI_ME) March 19, 2023

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