Kurti confirmed: Vučić did not agree to sign

"We came to Ohrid to sign the basic agreement with the annex on implementation. We reached public agreement on the annex that will lead to the implementation of the basic agreement," Kurti said.
"The other party avoids signing the agreement and the annex. It is up to the EU to find a mechanism to make the status of this agreement legally binding. I believe that the annex will be published soon and you will be able to see what it says and what it doesn't," Kurti said.
"On August 18 last year, we agreed on one text of the agreement on missing persons, but Vui did not want to sign it that day, just like today, and that day he was focused on the topic of the general framework of the agreement," said Kurti.
"I have to repeat again that the agreement signed by the former prime ministers of Kosovo is not about the CSM, but about the community of municipalities with a majority Serb population. Ahtisaari's proposal is such that the municipality is very strong in our republic," stated Kurti.
"Article 10 of the basic agreement, which means de facto recognition, means that the agreements will be implemented, including the agreements from 2013 and 2015. I have repeatedly said that no implementation of those agreements can be in conflict with our constitution and laws," he said.
"I told Vui and the EU not to repeat the same mistake and lose another decade. They couldn't implement them 10 years ago, they didn't care what happens to the constitution and law of Kosovo. So, let's not repeat the same mistakes. In the annex it says right away that we are starting talks on the self-government of the Serbian community. You have to know that the Serbian community and the CSM are not one and the same thing. Those talks are still ongoing, we have already...

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