Milatović's first address: I will send Milo into political retirement

The candidate of the Europe Now Movement, Jakov Milatovi, who made it to the second round of the presidential elections in Montenegro, announced tonight that he will defeat Milo Djukanovi.
"This is a victory for all those who carried the torch of freedom for 30 years, those who were discriminated against, whose children went abroad pursuing better living, who were poor. This is the victory of a more equal and fairer Montenegro," he said.
He thanked all the parties and lists that supported him and emphasized that this is "a victory for the whole of Montenegro, a victory that numerous generations have been waiting for".
According to his words, on April 2, he will send Djukanovi into political retirement.
Milatovi also thanked the media, intellectuals and civic activists who wanted a better and fairer Montenegro.

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