Montenegro 2023: Deciding between the Past and the Future

On 19 March 2023, presidential election will be held in Montenegro for the eighth time since the introduction of the multi-party system in this country and for the fourth time since its independence was proclaimed in 2006. 542,154 voters will be eligible to give a vote.  The president of Montenegro is elected in a single national-wide constituency based on the two-round system. The candidates may not have dual citizenship and residence in another country.
Seven candidates will run in the presidential election: ● Milo Đukanović - candidate of the Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS) ● Jakov Milatović - candidate of the Europe Now Movement (PES) ● Andrija Mandić - candidate of For the Future of Montenegro coalition: Democratic Front (New Serb Democracy - Movement for Changes -Democratic People's Party - Workers' Party) - True Montenegro - Free Montenegro ● Jovan Radulović - independent candidate ● Goran Danilović - candidate of the United Montenegro ● Aleksa Bečić - candidate of the Democratic Montenegro ● Draginja Vuksanović Stanković - candidate of the Social Democratic Party of Montenegro (SDP).
  Deciding between the past and the future
Montenegro declared independence and autonomy in 2006. The forthcoming presidential election in this country will be the first national level contest for power since the 2020 parliamentary election and after the Fundamental Agreement with the Serbian Orthodox Church was signed. Montenegro is prone to various influences, the most noted being that from Russia which has intensified its activities in this country after it became a NATO member. Montenegro has economic ties with...

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