Vučić: I haven't signed anything today either VIDEO

President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vui, said in Ohrid that some sort of agreement had been reached and that he was satisfied with it, as well as that he had not signed anything.
"On the roadmap, which will not last one day, the European Council will specify how much has been done by the implementation plan, which will have to be expanded. Nothing will be solved today," said Vui.
"The formation of CSM was set as a priority obligation. I must say that I am really satisfied with that, there is talk about missing persons, about donor conferences. The plan will certainly have to be upgraded," stated Vui.
"I didn't sign anything today either. I made it clear what our red lines are. It was no D-day. I believe that Prishtina will fulfill the formation of the CSM, that is envisaged here under label urgent. Tomorrow I will present each point to the citizens. We had a decent conversation despite numerous disagreements. We have serious work ahead of us in the coming months," said Vui.
"We don't have many obligations in this part. This is a paper and this is part of the negotiation framework, and we will see if the CSM will be formed... I thought it would be formed in 2013. It is a difficult process, it is important to me that I said what our red lines are, which Kurti also underlined. Everyone protects their interests," said Vui.
Vui stated that the essence is to preserve the peace.
"Nothing has changed with us. There is nothing comical or tragic. It is a long process in which everyone fights for themselves," he said.
"If things go in the right direction with the CSM, the return to the institutions will follow, but I'm not optimistic," Vui said, adding that this is "the beginning. This is a difficult and responsible process."

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